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Debates on Maritime Zones

The first volume of JMS is expected to be published in June, 2021. We encourage you to send your manuscripts on the specific areas of interest, which you can find in:

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Jan. 01st Call for Paper
Feb. 20th Call for Paper Deadline
Mar. 01st Article Submission Deadline
Apr. 15th Article Peer-review Deadline
May 15th Article Correction Deadline
June 25th Volume Publication

JMS has just started to accept manuscripts for its first issue. See Call for Paper

Call for paper will be ended on this day. It means that you have one month left for manuscript submission.

Manuscripts after the deadline won't be accepted for the first volume. However, those articles can be under evaluation for further volumes.

This is the deadline for review process for submitted manuscripts. Reviewers should send their review-reports to JMS via Review System or by sending email.

Authors must make requested corrections by reviewers in their articles until this day. Articles without any corrections within the correction process will be treated as unaccepted.

The first volume of JMS expects to be online-published on this day.