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About JMS

As the first academic journal on maritime studies in Turkey, Journal of Maritime Studies (JMS) aims to publish qualified articles on political, economic, legal, historical, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of maritime studies at national and international levels.

As known, issues related to the field of maritime have been one of the most critical topics of international politics from ancient to modern times. Today potential contentious issues between the great powers, such as the USA, China and Russia, as well as the regional actors such as Turkey, Greece, Israel and Egypt, urge the academia to focus much more on the subjects related to the field of maritime, not only in power politics, security and energy, but also in environment, history, culture and identity.

As a biannual, peer-reviewed international journal, JMS prioritizes publishing interdisciplinary conceptual and theoretical researches as well as a limited number of opinion pieces. The majority of the articles that will take place in JMS will be in English, while a smaller number of them can be in Turkish.

With this approach, JMS assesses the conflict potential in maritime issues via conceptual, theoretical and practical academic discussions, hoping this would consequently contribute to peace studies as well in the long run.

Through this way, JMS will certainly help building of an awareness in Turkey on maritime studies and improve the necessary academic literature both nationally and internationally.

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The JMS Editorial Team is planning to write opinion pieces, regularly, to evaluate the maritime agenda worldwide. Here, you can find the articles of our editors in chronological order.